Female Founders Breaking Boundaries

Is My Business Salable?

June 08, 2021 Casey Gromer Episode 8
Female Founders Breaking Boundaries
Is My Business Salable?
Show Notes

Whether it's because you retire or because you pack up to travel the world, you’re not going to run your business forever. That’s why episode 8 of Female Founders Breaking Boundaries is about determining if your business is salable!

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In this episode of Female Founders Breaking Boundaries, I’m sharing the importance of thinking ahead to the future sale of your business and actionable steps you can take right now to adjust the structure of your business into something that can be sold. Some of the things I cover in this episode are:

  • Celebrating Margaret Mead for her scientific work and reminding us that our care for others is what sets us apart as humans. 
  • Considering the reasons you may want to sell your business in the future. 
  • Understanding who may be interested in buying your business and who you might be willing to sell to. 
  • Just as you would tailor your products/ services to what your customers are looking for, you can also tailor the structure of your business to draw interest from potential buyers. 
  • When it comes to marketing, determining your return on investment based on your marketing portfolio as a whole, rather than each individual piece of marketing. 

Every business that you have created deserves the opportunity to keep going and you deserve to keep getting a return on all the time and effort you put into building your business.  

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