Female Founders Breaking Boundaries

Building Team Culture in a Remote Workplace

August 11, 2022 Casey Gromer Episode 67
Female Founders Breaking Boundaries
Building Team Culture in a Remote Workplace
Show Notes

More than likely, the majority of you have had experience working remotely over the past couple of years. While there are many benefits to a remote work environment, there are challenges to overcome when it comes to creating a more cohesive and collaborative team in a remote setting. This week’s episode 67 of Female Founders Breaking Boundaries is about building team culture in a remote workplace!

Have you ever felt like you were WAY too busy, stressed out, burnt out, and overwhelmed, so you were advised to delegate some tasks to take things off your plate and free up some time? Except, maybe it didn't work. If getting out of the day-to-day in your business was as simple as hiring more people, then why are you still feeling overwhelmed and burned out? You are not alone! Sometimes, simply delegating tasks doesn’t work and instead shifts your workload from “doing” to “managing.”

I invite you to use the exercise that our own C-Suite clients use to take the first step in turning your team into a well-oiled, self-managed machine- and get you out of the delegation catch-22. Download the exercise here to get started!

In this episode of Female Founders Breaking Boundaries, I’m sharing what team & company culture really mean and actionable steps you can take right now to create a remote work environment that fosters effective communication and collaboration. Some of the things I cover in this episode are:

  • Celebrating Sarah Cunningham, director of client services at AKQA who, as an amature boxing athlete herself, is speaking out about the importance of women having their own lives outside of their work identity. 
  • Distinguishing between online businesses and remote teams. 
  • The challenges to overcome when creating and working in a remote environment. 
  • How a remote workplace impacts team culture.
  • The tools that our client’s teams are using to foster a culture of remote employees who are working together cohesively. 
  • The pros (that outweigh the cons) of having a remote team. 
  • My deep thoughts on this competition over community mindset that is stunting our growth as entrepreneurs. 

Although remote work comes with its own unique challenges, in most instances, the positives far outweigh the negatives.

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