Female Founders Breaking Boundaries

Are You Sabotaging Your Team?

February 24, 2022 Casey Gromer Episode 44
Female Founders Breaking Boundaries
Are You Sabotaging Your Team?
Show Notes

As the visionary of your company, there are a few things you might be unintentionally doing that are not only taking your team off track but taking your company off track as you’re trying to reach your goals. That’s why episode 44 of Female Founders Breaking Boundaries is about ways in which you might be sabotaging your team!

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In this episode of Female Founders Breaking Boundaries, I’m sharing the importance of letting the systems and processes you have put in place work for you and actionable steps you can take right now to get your team on track to achieving the company’s goals. Some of the things I cover in this episode are:

  • Celebrating Rhonesha Bing, founder of her agenda that is here to bridge the gap between ambition and achievement for millennial women.
  • Tips to stay focused when your visionary keeps rolling in with new ideas that can set the project off track. 
  • Check capacity before committing to a project that might turn out to be bigger than it appears at first. 
  • Allow your team to step into strategy and decision-making roles by giving up control in some areas of the business.
  • Keep your systems in order and cut out that desire to circumvent the process with the hopes of getting something done quicker. 
  • My deep thoughts on the rise in alcohol consumption among women and whether or not this is a big deal.

I just want to encourage you today to build your team, support your team, have trust in your team, and embrace your role as a leader.  

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